Five Star Local Award

 The Twinsburg Education Association earned
the Five Star Local Award
for the following school years…

2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08,
2008-09 TEA fulfilled all 6 of the criteria,
2009-10 TEA fulfilled all 6 of the criteria
2010-11   TEA fulfilled all 6 of the criteria
2011-12   TEA fulfilled all 6 of the criteria
2012-13  TEA fulfilled all 6 of the criteria

Created in 2001 by the NEOEA Public Relations Committee and the Executive Committee, the Five Star Award recognizes and honors local affiliates that are leaders in involvement with the Association.

In order to receive the Five-Star Local Award, a local association needed to fulfill five of the following criteria during the school year.

  • send a representative to both NEOEA Representative Assemblies;
  • send a representative to both OEA Representative Assemblies;
  • send a member to attend at least one NEOEA workshop other than NEOEA Day;
  • send a representative to at least half of the meetings of a UniServ Council that met at least three times;
  • have at least 25% of its members contributing to the Ohio Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE); and
  • submit an application for at least one of the three NEOEA Public Relations awards

Five Star Locals receive a plaque honoring their accomplishment, and collective plaques honoring each year’s winners are kept on permanent display at the NEOEA Conference Center.  Our local awards can be viewed at the TEA office.