Positive Image Award

Winners of the Positive Image Awards are selected each year by the NEOEA Public Relations Committee to honor members and locals whose actions show public education and educators in a favorable light.

In 2007
NEOEA presented Wilcox teachers with this award at the spring representative assembly, at Kenston High School, March 24, 2007. Shirley Browning, Mike Scolaro, and Missy Zenz organized a fabulous Veterans Day Celebration at Wilcox Primary school and documented the events of the day on a DVD titled “A Salute to Veterans”.

In 2008
NEOEA presented this award to Nora Suder-Riley. She organized a wonderful assembly about Recycling at Wilcox Primary School.  The Recycling Program included audience participation and a slide show to teach children about being kind to the environment.  Students then put their knowledge about recycling to work at their next classroom party by actually recycling the paper and plastic items they used.

 In 2009
NEOEA presented Cinda Dehner with this award at the spring representative assembly at Mayfield High School on March 28, 2009. Cinda Dehner organized a Community Reading Program with students at Bissell Elementary.

In 2011
NEOEA presented this award to TEA guidance counselors. Jacquelyn Knoch and Monica Wallace organized Holiday Helping Hands Collection Drive with students at R.B.Chamberlin Middle School to benefit local community members.