National Board Certification

Every Child Deserves a Great Teacher

A Commitment to Quality Teaching
Great schools begin with great teachers. At the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), we believe that quality teaching is the key to improved student achievement.

Better Teaching, Better Learning, Better Schools
NBPTS is recognized for developing the professional standards that define what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do.  NBPTS also administers National Board Certification, a voluntary assessment program that certifies educators who meet those standards.

Moving Education Forward
Today nearly 50,000 teachers are National Board Certified. As leaders in their schools, they are in a unique position to transform teaching and learning. National Board Certification is supported in every state by school districts, principals and community and political leaders who believe that quality teaching leads to improved student learning.
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Twinsburg City schools employ the following teachers who have National Board Certification
Joan (Cottrill) Rossman,  Jennifer Fosnight,  (Dodge)
Karen Tirpak (Wilcox)