Executive Officers – elected March 2020

President – Kim Fink
Vice-President – Shirley Browning
Secretary – Cheryl Wilner
Treasurer – Russ Chappell
Executive Committee/Building Reps – elected September 2019

Wilcox Primary – Nicole Reiter, Karen Tirpak
Bissell Elementary – Allison Doyle,  Emily Depew
Dodge Intermediate –  Lisa Schmauch, Patty Spring
R.B. Chamberlin Middle School – Scott Peterson, Natalie Lonczak
Twinsburg High School – Cyndi Kurt, Ryan Merriman, Megan Holzheimer, Kristie Lewis, Jim Lipinski
OEA/NEOEA Director – Debra Lipnos

Building Reps are members of the executive committee.  They attend a monthly meeting with the other building reps and the officers.  Bldg. Reps hold a monthly building meeting to pass along the information from the Executive Committee.  They serve as liaison between the Exec Committee and the members.  They handle any routine association business that may occur in their building.  Each building is entitled to three reps.  The duties of the reps can be divided.  Building Reps can also run as OEA or NEOEA reps. Any member who is an OEA or NEOA director is automatically a member of the executive committee.

OEA Reps – elected September 2019
Shirley Browning
Kim Fink
Eleanor Linek
Debra Lipnos
Lisa Schmauch
Lisa Roberto / OEA Alternate
Barb Rosalez / OEA Alternate
Nora Suder-Riley/ OEA Alternate

“Leading the way for continuous improvement of education while advocating for members and the learners they serve”
OEA Reps are responsible to attend four meetings a year. They attend the NEOEA meetings and in addition, two assemblies located in Columbus.  We are entitled to five OEA delegates.   

NEOEA Reps– elected September 2019
Shirley Browning
Kim Fink
Eleanor Linek
Debra Lipnos
Lisa Schmauch
Lisa Roberto
Barb Rosalez
Nora Suder-Riley/ NEOEA Alternate

“The voice of public education in Northeastern Ohio…”
NEOEA Reps are responsible to attend two meetings a year. At these meetings we determine our position on the issues that will be voted on at the OEA rep assemblies.  We are entitled to three NEOEA delegates.   

All candidates on the TEA local ballot can serve as alternates.
NEA Delegates – elected  March 2020
Debra Lipnos – State and local delegate

NEA delegates are responsible for attending the NEA RA held once a year. Locally we are entitled to two NEA delegates. Our members can also become delegates at the state level.