Awards Program/ Scholarship Information

The Marilyn Cross Scholarship was instituted in December of 2002 to honor the memory of Marilyn Cross, past president and revered leader of the OEA.

The $1500 scholarship is presented each year to a career teacher for graduate work in a program directly linked to his/her current area of licensure.

The John F. Kennedy Scholarship was instituted in November of 1963 at the annual Ohio Education Association Representative Assembly, during which President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.   Assembly delegates took action during the convention to establish the scholarship as an annual memorial to
President Kennedy.
The $2,000 JFK Scholarship is presented to an OEA member who is a career teacher in a graduate degree program and in need of financial assistance.  The applicant must be able to demonstrate a prediction of success in graduate work.

The Jean Kershaw Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Jean Kershaw, a long-time OEA employee who died in the fall of 1985, after having served as secretary to 11 OEA presidents.

The $1,000 scholarship is presented each year to a student member enrolled in a teacher education program in Ohio or a senior education student who has been accepted for graduate study at an Ohio college or university.  Applicants must be able to provide evidence of success in their teacher education program as well as financial need.

OEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

The Holloways/Human and Civil Rights Award is presented to an individual OEA member, excluding members of the HCR Commission, the OEA Executive Committee, and association staff persons, for outstanding contributions to the promotion or execution of excellent human relations skills and interpersonal relationships as modeled by example.

The Doris L. Allen Award is presented to a district or local affiliate of the Ohio Education Association.  The award exemplifies Doris L. Allen’s dedication and contributions to the human relations programs of the United Education Profession.

The Charles A. Glatt Award is presented to an individual or group outside the United Education Profession.  This award symbolizes the commitment Charles Glatt had for humanity. . . Equality of Educational Opportunity for All.

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